Daw Khin Win, a migrant worker residing at Yuzana G3 working site, got a fever with chills and rigor. Her household member, Khin Kyi, assisted her to go to Ma Htet Htet, malaria volunteer (VMW) trained by CAP-Malaria.

VMW asked about fever. Daw Khin Win said she got fever for 1 week, it was not relieved after taking traditional medicine. Fever was very high and her condition became severe.

She was a rubber tapper and her working hour was very early morning. She always wears long sleeves but last 3 weeks ago, she didn’t wear long one and did not sleep under bed nets because of hot weather.

Then, Ma Htet Htet, quickly moved to prepare blood testing with RDT. Actually, she had got volunteer training since PY3. She is very active and found many patients from this area.

Ma Htet Htet also draws blood slides for microscopy examination.

While waiting for the results, Ma Htet Htet provided health education about malaria transmission, diagnosis and treatment, and prevention with Long Lasting Insecticide Bed nets (LLINs)

RDT test showed positive and VMW explained how to take medicine to cure malaria. Then, the first dose was provided in front of Volunteer.

Next Day, Ma Htet Htet arrived Daw Khin Win’s house and provided the 2nd dose of ACT. Daw Khin Win felt better than the previous day.

VMW informed CAP-Malaria Kawthoung team and Microscopist checked Day 3 slides for microscopy examination. Patient’s slide showed negative and completely cured from malaria.

Now Daw Khin Win is relieved from malaria, she become healthy and worked in the forest by using bed net.