U Pane and his family are living in hillside cultivation at Pyaung Thay village

His daily work are cutting, cleaning for cultivation and packing forest related materials for family earning

While finishing his work, he feels very tired and always sleep without using Bednets

One day, U Pane suffered fever with chill and rigor and headache. His wife was really worried about his signs and symptoms. As he is a breadwinner of the family, daily income was stopped when he suffered fever.

To be recovered fast, his wife provided traditional medicine for his fever.

But his suffering was not relieved and his wife urged to go to Mrs. Kay Ta Lee, a VMW (volunteer malaria worker), living in their village.

Mrs. Kay Ta Lee already got two times of VMW training on malaria case management conducted by CAP-Malaria. She has many experiences on malaria case finding and also has confidence on treating malaria patients. First, she measured body temperature and asked the history of fever.

After that, she tested blood with RDT and explained information about malaria such as transmission, prevention, and diagnosis.

After 15 mins, she read RDT test and it showed P.f positive.

VMW explained that U Pane had malaria infection, but she said don’t worry about it. She had antimalaria drugs provided from CAP-Malaria. Mrs. Kay Ta Lee also gave detail information about how to take drugs and provided the first dose of ACT in front of her.

Moreover, she explained that it is really important to take all the medicine as if he did not take completely, infection would not cure. U Pane asked how much cost for malaria treatment. Mrs. Kay Ta Lee said with a smiley face that all are free of charge. The patient was really happy to get drugs and signed on DOT sheet to commit taking drugs completely.

Next day, Mrs. Kay Ta Lee arrived U Pane’s house to give ACT (Artemisinin combination therapy) DOT treatment. U Pane’s condition is improved and she reassured him again.

In Day 2 also, VMW went to U Pane’s house to provide 3rd dose DOT. U Pane relieved fever and his condition become nearly normal.

After getting complete treatment, U Pane became healthy and could work again. He and his wife well understand that malaria can be prevented by sleeping under LLIN. Now they always sleep happily with LLIN to defeat malaria.